Frequently Asked Questions

This section will give you a bit more info about us and our products and also show you what you need to connect and whether you can connect to our service. Lastly, we have some troubleshooting tips if you are having any problems.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help or have any questions that aren't answered below.

Below you will find a list of some frequently asked questions and answers. They provide more detailed information and should hopefully resolve any issues you may have, but if you require further assistance please get in touch.

What is it?

What is trove HOTEL?

trove HOTEL is a hotel information management and cataloguing solution designed for use by the hospitality industry. The cataloguing system allows operational departments and others to work collaboratively to administer the interiors, furniture and furnishings of hotels and in particular the guest accommodation and public spaces.

trove HOTEL is an effective information hub, a baseline record and general reference point. Your asset baseline.

trove HOTEL is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) plus Services; consisting of a verified database, server, browser application, data management and auditing services.

We understand affordability is key and that there is a need to demonstrate good value and clear business benefits. One of things we have learnt from users is that once they start seeing their data collected, collated and categorised they wonder how they managed without it; like the evolution from the Yellow Pages to Google. There are so many things you can do with the data so it can bring many benefits to many different departments, but our focus at the moment is Hotel. The important aspects are for users to be able to quickly browse and find information they need, generate useful and relevant reports, plus download any files or images which have been associated with an asset. This could be a photograph, drawing, specification, maintenance instructions, etc.

What does trove HOTEL consist of?

There are four things which make up trove HOTEL;

  • Users; people (agile roles)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS); A browser application (user interface) used to access, report and notify on stored data, what you see…
  • The Cloud; A back end served from inside the Cloud (servers, services, databases and file repositories), what you don’t see…
  • Plus Services (pS); trove HOTEL data and user management (service and support) and also other non-software related deliverables (site books), what you will or may need…
Who would need trove HOTEL?

Any organisation or individual who is involved with operating a hotel wants to be able to hold a baseline set of data on anything relating to their hotel, but in particular an inventory of assets contained within it.

Beyond a certain scale it becomes a challenge to operate effectively without having a baseline inventory of information. Risk and response times increase and there is general entropy introduced into the operation which leads to a degradation of the original room and concept. This will have an impact on the guest experience. It should be easier to maintain a room to the intended and delivered standard and to also use this held data to plan for the future, improve day-to-day operations and also produce reports and statistics that can be used as a basis to help reduce costs and/or maximise the return on the original investment.

trove HOTEL would assist the many people and departments involved in doing this. It is an organisation wide resource and support system.

What are the main features of trove HOTEL?

These include;

  • User and operation led development (relevant and therefore useful to the people who need it)
  • Easy to use; simple quick ad hoc queries can be made through the data browser, but more complex reports can also be generated, previewed and downloaded in multiple formats
  • Simple to deploy; all you need is membership, internet connection and appropriate web browser (trove HOTEL operates from the cloud)
  • It’s a fully managed service, with a flexible back end and a prescriptive front end (data and users are fully supported – no negative impact on the current day-to-day operation)
  • Designed and built by people who have proven history and experience of working in the same market (interior architects); understanding of the environment and detail
What are the main benefits of trove HOTEL?

These generally fall into one of two categories but they could also be a combination of the first two points;

  • Assists you to do things you do today more accurately and efficiently
  • Assists you to do things of commercial and operational benefit that you can’t do today


  • It’s a central repository, with shared access, but crucially the data is collected, consistently collated, classified and kept up to date by a team of trained professionals
  • It improves collaborative working across multiple departments, sites and possibly other organisations (consultants, concessions, suppliers, contractors, etc…)
  • Files and images can be associated, stored and displayed against any asset (these can also be made available for download)
In simple terms how would you describe what trove HOTEL does?
  • We create an inventory of relevant management and asset data
  • We do some smart organisational things with the data and other collected information
  • We provide secure access to it and also enable you to do useful things with it
  • We keep it organised, safe and, if you wish, up to date

It should be noted that we don’t claim ownership of any of your data, why would we it's yours, but for peace of mind please check our terms and conditions for more specific details.

Why would we decide to use trove HOTEL?

Relating to hotel operations and in particular the guest area furniture and furnishings, you may have identified a need to improve and solve several issues concerning ineffective workflow, and/or reached a point where you need to make a choice: to carry on as you are today or be proactive in improving efficiency and the access to your information.

trove HOTEL presents a combination of software and services that while addressing the above, would also allow you to do things that you can’t do today, and things that you may do today more quickly. It should also be noted that trove HOTEL has been developed specifically for the cruise industry.

It is possible to consider alternative solutions, but in brief;

  • It would require significantly more resource in terms of time and money to develop a similar custom in-house system
  • Other asset management systems would require significant modification to fulfill the specific requirement (also see the first point regarding resources)
  • Being one of the first cruise lines to use the system development could be tailored to your needs
  • trove HOTEL can be deployed and the first vessels audited within weeks
  • trove HOTEL is already operational with a cruise line (processes and procedures proven and tested)
  • Loci Systems offers flexible purchasing options

trove HOTEL is easy to use and deploy;

  • Can be installed and run on existing hardware
  • Hosted and/or locally installed system utilises the latest Microsoft technologies (.net, SQL Server)
  • Universal and secure web browser based user interface (Silverlight)
  • Has the capability to link into and share data with existing systems
  • Existing data and information can be parsed into trove HOTEL
  • Has a flexible back end which can be configured to need and a prescriptive simple to use user interface

Longer term, our route map includes modules and functionality relating to onsite maintenance, project development and specification.

How does it work?

Put simply how does it work? How do we view our inventory of assets?

The online front end is served from the cloud and users login to the software to browse data and run reports. All of this, including user and data management is handled by trove HOTEL.

What hardware and software do users require to access the system?

No specialist hardware or software is required. Users only require a computer or device capable of running the latest version of Internet Explorer with the Silverlight plug-in installed. These usually come as standard with Microsoft Windows and are typically updated as part of a regular windows update. If these are not preinstalled on the host device they are free to download. It is also possible to use other web browsers which support Silverlight.

What training will users require?

The user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The user experience is visually led (graphic icons and asset/location images) and is no more complicated than booking an airline flight online. If required a short introductory workshop explaining the principles, concepts and capabilities of trove HOTEL can be arranged.

How are users and user security managed?

Each user is assigned a username and password. It is possible to restrict access to sensitive data as each role can be assigned with different access privileges. Users and roles in trove HOTEL are managed by Loci Systems. trove HOTEL utilises the standard triple ‘A’ approach; Authenticate, Authorise and Audit.

User Authentication, Authorisation and Audit. Tell me more about how you handle this?

The system employs “Triple A” as expected from a system of this nature. Every request from the trove HOTEL browser application is authenticated. Once a request has passed authentication a check is made to see if the user is authorised to perform the action requested. If the user is authorised then the request is actioned and the request details are logged for audit purposes. Using this method only authenticated and authorised requests are actioned and then the details of the request are logged.

We have users with different functional requirements, so is it possible to get different versions of the browser application?

There is only one version of the browser application, but if you wish it’s possible for us to restrict certain aspects of functionality to certain groups of users and/or develop specific functionality for you.


How would we deploy trove HOTEL?

All you need to do is provide us with a list of users and sites. We will then set them up in the system plus collect, collate, classify and enter the asset data and files you want to keep in the system. To browse information, download files and report on the data users simply navigate to the trove HOTEL site and sign in.


  • trove HOTEL can be run on existing user hardware
  • Hosted and/or locally installed system utilises the latest Microsoft technologies (.NET, SQL Server)
  • Universal and secure web browser-based user interface (Silverlight)
  • Has the capability to link into and share data with existing systems
  • Existing data and information held in other systems can be parsed/migrated into trove HOTEL
  • Has a flexible back end (can adapt to changing needs) and an intuitive user interface which requires little if any tuition
Is it possible to utilise our LAN and as we do with many of our systems deploy a standalone system in-house?

No, this is not possible at this time. The system was designed to be run as a service with minimal technological impact to the company employing the system. We wanted to maximise ease of entry into the system i.e. you don’t need to buy or configure any hardware. Another benefit of this is that if you are not satisfied the requirements and situation changes it is also easier to exit.

If we believe trove HOTEL is the right system for us, but a requirement of purchasing was that we have to host the system or aspects of it in-house, could this be done?

We would have to work with you on the exact requirements, schedule and costs, but if required this could technically be done. For example we could deploy the system on your site, but if the system is not deemed to be critical, we would suggest you use the service as is and adjust use to match the available connection.

How is data protected during transmission?

All data transmitted between our servers and client application is encrypted using industry standard methods, which are typically used to protect internet banking and also payments for online shopping sites.

How do users access the data?

Users access the data through a web browser. The browser requires a secure internet connection to the trove HOTEL servers. The responsiveness of the system is determined by the speed of the connection. Updates to the data are seamless with the latest available version of the system (browser application and stored data) being presented each time the user connects.

How fast does my internet connection need to be?

The higher the better, but a minimum of 0.75 Mbps (Megabits Per Second) will give the user entry level response times from the system. If there is a new version of the application available at the beginning of a new session, then there is a 6MB (Megabytes) file to download. Browsing is then no more demanding than visiting a typical website, but downloading files and reports is dependent on the current connection speed.

How fast does my internet connection need to be?

The higher the better, but a minimum of 0.75 Mbps (Megabits Per Second) will give the user entry level response times from the system. If there is a new version of the application available at the beginning of a new session, then there is a 6MB (Megabytes) file to download. Browsing is then no more demanding than visiting a typical website, but downloading files and reports is dependent on the current connection speed.

What happens if I don’t have an internet connection?

You would not be able to use the service and/or access data.

What are the operational benefits?

As part of ongoing housekeeping, maintenance and refurbishment programmes, the information held within trove HOTEL will not only be readily available, but will also provide many operational benefits including;

  • Ability to capture and associate any existing or acquired data for any entered asset, this being; digitised hard copies of original documents, .doc, pdfs, dwg, jpgs, etc...
  • The ability to capture project (refurbishment/maintenance) information at time of completion
  • Collated and verified data will allow everyone to work collaboratively from the same base information
  • Secure global access to offsite data and reporting services (via an internet connection)
  • Easy access to verified care and maintenance instructions for each asset and material (improve its lifespan and maximise return on investment)
  • Intuitive to use; being no more complicated than navigating a website means minimal - if any - training is required
  • Standard reports can be selected and quickly generated making the presentation of information consistent in style, quality and content
  • Hotel M&R lists and yearly budgets can be planned and defined more accurately
  • A readily available material library cross-referenced as part of the system will make reordering or replacement of discontinued products easier
  • Running on existing hardware and being browser-based, the system requires a low level of IT support
  • In the future, capture information at delivery (have consultants, builders and contractors deliver as-built data, in a format which can go straight into trove HOTEL)
  • Assist with planning for, and taking delivery of new builds and refurbishments (Owners Delivery Catalogue)

How do I get it?

What are the financial benefits?

The base trove HOTEL system could run several standard reports that will assist with budgeting and purchasing, but other benefits include;

  • Asset value and ownership reporting as required by auditors, regulators and insurers
  • Inventories and statistics can be produced and utilised for strategic planning and forecasting
  • The inventory list and value of assets can be used for insurance purposes, disaster recovery and replacement price negotiations
  • Access to a current inventory list (including FF&E, OS&E, OF&E, etc…) with ownership details, giving clarity of ownership between the various companies and concessions
  • Assets and materials can be quantified along with the lead times so that purchases can be made in good time thus reducing freight costs
  • By storing warranty and guarantee information, you can actively check your assets before cover expires, which could save you the cost of any repairs or replacements otherwise required
  • Asset data can be tracked through its lifecycle and used to more accurately forecast hotel budgets
  • Efficiency savings; amount of time taken and wasted by experienced employees in managing data and repeating surveys and work already undertaken
  • Ensure maintenance contractors are delivering the right products and maintaining vessels to the right references and standards
  • Quickly provide consultants with clear and concise information so they don’t have to charge for undertaking their own surveys
  • Reduce wastage and the amount of inventory carried as spare

The standard reports and any others you might commission in the future can be exported in a variety of formats (word, excel, etc...), which allows a report and its data to be used as the basis for further analysis and strategic planning.

How will trove HOTEL help improve productivity?

In many ways trove HOTEL will assist with getting more done in less time;

  • Centrally held, managed and readily accessible asset data will reduce the amount of time wasted searching for information
  • Minimise ineffective workflow between departments that exists today e.g. when tracking down accurate asset or room information
  • Reduce the amount of time wasted through the management of often outdated, uncorroborated and duplicated data
  • Hotel M&R lists and yearly budgets can be planned and defined more quickly
  • Frequently required reports can be produced at the click of a button
  • Reports can be automatically attached to an email, thus improving the speed and ease of sharing data
  • In the future the system automatically report assets that require inspection for warranty or lifecycle reasons
  • Access to centrally stored information (vessels, interiors and assets) and statistics will improve start up times for refurbishments and maintenance
How does trove HOTEL help to improve operational excellence?

trove HOTEL will facilitate operational excellence through many ways, but most importantly will assist in enhancing overall product quality and the guest experience;

  • More efficient access to information will improve maintenance and asset replacement response times
  • Through more accurate access to asset care and maintenance instructions, rooms can be maintained at an optimum condition for longer
  • Collating as-built data means rooms can be maintained ‘as designed’, therefore keeping the product offering consistent and extending the investment made in design
  • Collective time saved by individuals will go to benefit other areas of operation
  • Moving forward, data can be used and reports created for other requirements e.g. quality assurance and compliance
  • Providing shared access to accurate and relevant data individuals and departments will be freed to focus on other tasks

It should also be noted that the assets of staff and service areas can also be included and could therefore bring benefits across the entire operation.


Are there any other relevant and/or interesting pieces of information about Loci Systems and trove HOTEL?

So as not to over burden day-to-day operations, Loci Systems will provide the services and support required to set up, audit assets, deploy the system and manage the consistency and accuracy of data, initially and ongoing. trove HOTEL is a turnkey solution.

Our system and services are completely scalable and it is also possible to transfer existing data into our databases, share data out with other systems and also for it to compliment an incumbent system.

Loci Systems is owned by the directors, with all research, design, development and support based in the UK.

trove HOTEL is not a purchasing tool, replacement for AMOS (or similar) and/or as yet a maintenance management system, it has been designed and built to fulfill a specific requirement and thus complement existing software, services and processes.

The name trove HOTEL is derived from ‘treasure trove’; a hoard or collection of precious objects.

How do we purchase, view a demo or get to trial trove HOTEL?

You should simply contact us directly. We will arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements and explain the options in more detail. We can demonstrate our solution, provide you with an estimated price and if you require provide you with further information on the business benefits. We hope to demonstrate that if your requirements match what we offer then we would be an appropriate and good value option.

How do I get further support?

If you are the person responsible for trove HOTEL within your organisation then please contact your trove HOTEL account manager directly. If you are a user then please consult the information here and then contact the person with responsibility for trove HOTEL within your organisation.

No specialist hardware or software is required.

Users only require a computer or device capable of running the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed.

These software applications come as standard with Microsoft Windows and are typically updated as part of a regular Microsoft Windows Update. If these are not preinstalled on the host device they are free to download. It is also possible to use other operating system and web browsers which support Silverlight.

We recommend the following minimum technical requirements;

Internet AccessA connection speed of 0.75 Mbps but the faster the better
DeviceWindows PC
  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 and above
BrowserMicrosoft Internet Explorer 9 or above with Silverlight plug-in installed

To test whether you are currently capable of connecting to the trove HOTEL service, please see the test app below.

If you do not see the test app below, you will need to install the Silverlight plug-in. You should see a "Install Microsoft Silverlight" icon. Please click the icon and follow the instructions. You may need to restart or refresh this page after the installation is complete.

Please note that Silverlight does not run on all devices and browsers (see Getting Started). If you would like to learn more about Silverlight click here to go to the official site.

If you are having technical issues please check the questions and answers below as they may solve your problem. If you require further assistance please contact us here.


I can connect to the internet but the app does not download?

Please refresh your browser. You should see a progress bar that shows the app being loaded. If after refreshing your browser you are unable to see the progress bar or sign in screen please clear your browser's cache. You browser's Help option will show you how to do this. If this does not solve the problem please contact your designated trove HOTEL administrator or email .

I cannot login. What should I do?

Please double check you are entering the correct username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password you can use the 'Forgotten Username/Password?' links to recover them. If you are using the correct username and password the service may be temporarily unavailable or your account may be locked. Please contact your designated trove HOTEL administrator or email .

I have a good internet connection, but I can’t see the data and/or report that I need.

There are a couple of reasons why this might be the case;

  • The data or the report may not be set up in the system; or
  • You may not be authorised to see the data or generate a particular report

For either of these your first point of contact should be the person with responsibility for trove HOTEL within your organisation.

It is taking a long time to view or download information.

Before contacting support first check that your internet connection is working and/or you have the suggested minimum bandwidth available. Please remember that the size of the file you are downloading will influence how long it takes to become available.


I have forgotten my username. How do I get a reminder?

Please follow the simple instructions after clicking the 'Forgotten Username?' link on the sign in page.

I have forgotten my password. How do I get a reminder?

Please follow the simple instructions after clicking the 'Forgotten Password?' link on the sign in page.

I would like to change my password. How do I do this?

You must first sign into the app using your current username and password. Once you are signed in please select the main navigation button in the top left of the app screen and select the 'User Profile' option. Click the 'Change Password' tab if it is not already selected and follow the simple instructions.

Application and Stored Data

I have spotted an error in the data how do I get this fixed?

You can use the notify function found within the app. Your notification will be sent to us and we will act accordingly.

Something within the app is not working and/or I’m getting an error message. What should I do?

Please email giving as much information as possible.

I think I have found a bug.

Please email giving as much information as possible.

I would like to provide some feedback. How should I do this?

We appreciate all feedback so please email and let us know your thoughts about our products or this website.